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Doc Savage

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Trained from birth to develop his skills to the peak of human perfection and to devote himself to the ideals of justice, he grew up to be a brilliant scientist, a physical marvel, and a fearless adventurer. Now he travels the world with his team of assistants, fighting evil and rescuing the helpless - Doc Savage, the Man of Bronze!

Original artwork for sale by John Buscema, Jack Kirby. Discounts apply!

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Justice (Inc.) No More!

Feb 13, 15
After a bit of a delay on my part, I've finally added an entry for the final issue of Dynamite Comics' JUSTICE, INC. which wraps up the historic teaming of Doc Savage, the Shadow, and the Avenger! And it leads to an Avenger solo series! Me, I'm hoping for more Doc Savage (but you knew that, didn't you?). Check out the comics details here!!

Truly Special!

Jan 15, 15
Hey out there, Doc fans!
We've just added the page for Dynamite Comics new DOC SAVAGE SPECIAL! It's a solo story for Doc's cousin Pat Savage and very well done!You can see the details here!

Something Weird to Start a New Year!

Jan 1, 15
Good news! There is now an IMDb page for a proposed Doc Savage movie!

Bad news! This is what they have for a plot summary: "A doctor named Jesty goes to the jungle and finds a lion who learns to love him, but as the lion becomes more tame Jesty becomes more savage. Lion becomes human and human becomes Lion."

And several news sites that link to IMDb have the same bizarre synopsis! Funny, I don't remember that novel from the original series!

Oh and a Happy New Year to all of you!

Double Doc for Christmas!

Dec 25, 14
Through the miracle of procrastination, we at the Doc Savage Library can present our reading public with not one, but two issues of Dynamite's JUSTICE INC.! We now have our write-ups on #4 (November) and #5 (December) wherein the newly formed group splits up to adventure separately, Doc Savage against John Sunlight, the Shadow against the Voodoo Master, and the Avenger after the men who murdered his wife and daughter! The cool details can be found here!

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Sexy Scarlet Witch (drawing by Frank Cho)

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